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A Chinese Porcelain Blue-and-White Brushpot
Chongzheng period (1628–1644)
Height 8 5/8 inches
Courtesy of S. Marchant & Son

Over thirty years ago Dr. A. M. Sengers started collecting Chinese blue-and-white porcelain from the late Ming dynasty (1368–1644) and the first year of the Qing (1645–1911). He “discovered” an area overlooked—as a group—by previous collectors of his day and put together one of the finest collections known of Chinese blue-and-white porcelain from the years 1565–1645. Dr. Senger’s collection includes Dutch market kraak dishes and vases, ko-sometsuke wares intended for the Japanese market for the tea ceremony, Imperial wares for the Chinese Imperial Court, wares intended for the Middle Eastern market such as kendis (a drinking vessel), scholar’s objects such as a beautiful brush pot (pictured), and a figure of a standing crane, reputedly from the collection of Rembrandt.

Dr. Senger’s “discoveries” will be exhibited by S. Marchant & Son in a selling exhibition, Ming Blue-and-White Porcelain: The Dr. A. M. Senger’s Collection, from November 8–23, 2001, to coincide with Asian Art in London. A fully illustrated catalogue with foreword by John Ayers will be available in October. For more information, contact S. Marchant & Son at or via email at marchant@dircon.co.uk.

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