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Frank von der Lancken; Artist and Educator
Winter 2001
A Brooklyn-born artist of exceptional talent, and an educator of great passion, Frank von der Lancken...
Frank W. Benson’s Works on Paper
Winter 2001
Few artists have experienced as much success in their own lifetime as frank w. benson (1862–1951)...
George Washington in Bronze: A Survey of the Memorial Clocks
Winter 2001
Even if, in the two centuries since his death, the image of George Washington has been reduced to the likeness on the...
Primer on Prints
Winter 2001
Many collectors ask if there is an easy rule of thumb that will enable them to buy a print with confidence. alas...
The Art of High Living: Miniature Goldwork
Winter 2001
John Ramage (1748–1802), artist and goldsmith, was accused of many things, fast living and bigamy among...
The Museum of the City of New York, 1923–2001
Winter 2001
Established in 1923, the Museum of the City of New York is a private, not-for-profit urban history museum, modeled after the Parisian...
The Paper Connoisseur: an Introduction
Winter 2001
Even in the digital age, paper is ubiquitous. Subject to great variety and many uses, paper may be utilitarian...
The Role of the Dealer
Winter 2001
As a sixty-six year veteran of the antiques business I can say that I am proud to be a member of the profession...
Tiffany & Co. Beverage Service, 1879; Collection of the Museum
Winter 2001
On Christmas Eve, 1879, more than one thousand New York City public school teachers gave their former superintendent Henry Kiddle (1824–1891) this handsome beverage service...
Explore the Decorative Arts at Winterthur this Fall
Nov/Dec 2000
American decorative arts forms come in all shapes, sizes and media. This autumn at Winterthur, visitors can...
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