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Swedish Long Case Clock
Swedish Long Case Clock SOLD
"SOLD" A Swedish long case clock taken down to its original blue color.The clock face is signed "Ola Akesson"(the maker)and from "Galleryda"(Sweden).It is also initialed "OFB"which are the initials of ...
Quebec Carved Angel, early 19th. c.
Quebec Carved Angel, early 19th. c.
An exceptionally well carved French Canadian Angel from Quebec. Early 19th.century.
Painted American Game Board
Painted American Game Board
American paint decorated game board. 19th. century. One sided with bread board ends. Good colors. See www.ryderantiques.com for size...
Norwegian Burl Tankard
Norwegian Burl Tankard
This is a finely carved Norwegian burl(birch)tankard. The togle and feet are carved lions. On the top of the lid there is also a carved Lion with some initials. The size would be one to two liters. See the tiny carved tongue of the lion as example of...
Painted Norwegian Storage Box
Painted Norwegian Storage Box SOLD
A Norwegian Storage Box from the Viksdal area also referred to as a Viksdalen box. Age would be around 1840-1850. You also find other items such as Tines painted in the same fashion. These are very collectible due to their strong colors and also the ...
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