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The Connecticut River Valley and the China Trade
Aug-Sept 2006
Western merchants have always been attracted to the products of China and the profits of trade with the Orient. The earliest trade with the Chinese was in the second century B.C. across the "Silk Road," a network of trails named for the precious...
Upgrading Your Collection by Being a Savvy Seller
Aug-Sept 2006
Buying is a thrill. Naturally, therefore, I don't like to sell; I don't like to give up the art to which I've grown attached. But I do sell. And so should you. Selling is the key to growing and improving your collection. But when should you sell....
Winterthur Primer: Underglaze Blue English Transfer-Printed Earthenware
Aug-Sept 2006
It is widely accepted that Josiah Spode (1733–1797) of Staffordshire, England, perfected underglaze transfer-printing in blue for English earthenware production in about 1784.1 The color blue maintained its hue under the intense heat of firing and also...
Americans "At Home" in Paris
Summer 2006
The astute observer and novelist Henry James noted in 1887 that, “it sounds like a paradox, but it is a very simple truth, that when to-day we look for American art, we find it mainly in Paris. When we find it out of Paris, we at least find a great...
Art Focus: The Influence of Provincetown on American Art
Summer 2006
Formed by glacial deposits of rock and sand, Massachusetts’s Cape Cod extends nearly seventy miles into the Atlantic Ocean. Situated at its northern extreme, with water on three sides, is Provincetown, home to the oldest continuous artist colony...
Baltimore Stoneware
Summer 2006
The rarity of signed examples of Baltimore stoneware often results in the belief that production in this Maryland city was limited to the common, sometimes crude examples of late nineteenth-century manufacture. In fact, during the early to mid-nineteenth
Bandbox Papers at the Shelburne Museum
Summer 2006
Over the course of two centuries, bandboxes evolved from repositories for delicate lace collar bands into the commodious chic carryalls of the nineteenth century. Akin to modern gift-wrapping, nineteenth-century bandbox papers—block-printed in chalky...
Discoveries from the Field: Epes Ellery -- A Rare Clockmaker's Label
Summer 2006
Last year I went to a home in the Back Bay of Boston, Massachusetts, to see an early nineteenth-century tall case clock (Fig. 1) that had been in the owner’s family for generations. She was considering donating it to our institution, Historic New England.
Fine Art as an Investment: Martha Walter (1875-1976)
Summer 2006
Following a retrospective exhibition in 2002 and a record-setting price at auction in 2004, activity has been brisk in the market for Martha Walter’s work. Walter, who worked in an impressionist and postimpressionist style over her long career, was one...
From Spain to California: The Life and Art of José Drudis-Biada
Summer 2006
History tends to run in cycles, and trends from the past often reemerge. Such is the case with the popularity of the California plein-air painters who were influenced by the principles of French Impressionism. Favoring strong color harmonies and the...
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