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Europe in March
Summer 2002
During one week in March, a visitor can cover just about every major style period and type of art at The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht...
Furniture Facts: The Loudon Connection
Summer 2002
When the Bachelder family possessions were auctioned off in a series of sales in 1988 and 1993, dealers, collectors, and scholars gathered in droves...
George Jensen Hollowware: An Enduring Standard of 20th-Century Design
Summer 2002
Nearly a century after he opened his shop, few question why, in 1935, The New York Herald Tribune called Danish crafstman Georg Arthur Jensen...
Know Your Antiques: Artists with an Eye Toward the Sea
Summer 2002
Dramatic naval engagements, bustling ports, and successful sea captains are maritime art subjects that have captivated collectors for centuries...
Mantelpieces in New England: An Introduction
Summer 2002
Until the widespread introduction in the 1830s of airtight cast-iron parlor stoves and kitchen cook stoves, fireplaces were essential for heating and...
Museum Focus: The Fuller Bequest to the Currier Gallery of Art
Summer 2002
On October 9, 1929, a few weeks before the stock market crash that sent a prosperous America plummeting into the Great Depression, the Currier...
Pennsylvania's Mystery Preceptress
Summer 2002
In 1998, we purchased an eighteenth-century sampler wrought by a young girl identified as Phebe Harvey. We were impressed with the needlework's...
Portraiture in Early Connecticut
Summer 2002
Although native and foreign-born artists had been working as portraitists in New England since about 1670, Connecticut hosted no professional artist...
Reading the Evidence: The Challenge of Furniture Documentation
Summer 2002
Unlike buildings or gravestones, which for the most part remain fixed in position as their makers originally intended, furniture is by definition...
The Art, Life and Legacy of Maria Martinez
Summer 2002
In the American Southwest, only arbitrary criteria separate
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