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The Bayly Suite of Painted Furniture
Spring 2003
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation recently added significantly to its small collection of classical Baltimore painted furniture by acquiring a spectacular suite attributed to Hugh Finlay of Baltimore, Maryland.
Woodbury: Antiques Captial of ConnecticutÂȘ
Spring 2003
Picture a quintessential New England village with miles of pristine period homes surrounded by gorgeous countryside and you get Woodbury, Connecticut, an area that has attracted settlers since 1675.
A Culture Revealed: Pictures on Seventeenth-Century Chinese Ceramics
3rd Anniversary
Like the stories revealed on ancient Greek black and red pottery, the tales illustrated on Chinese porcelain wares produced in the seventeenth century provide insights into the culture from which they came. These ceramics, which bear scenes from Chinese c
A Diamond Within A Square
3rd Anniversary
A diamond within a square. What meaning should we derive from this quilt? As outsiders to the Amish community, probably none. Their use of geometric abstraction as symbolic form is intended for the understanding of only those who use this particular langu
American Folk Art Museum
3rd Anniversary
It has been just over one year since the American Folk Art Museum opened the doors to its splendid new home at 45 West 53rd Street in New York City-forty years after its founding, the museum finally has a building of its own. As we enter 2003, we are able
Anton Zeleznik: the Coudersport Carver
3rd Anniversary
High atop a steeply terraced hillside just outside the town of Coudersport, Pennsylvania, sits a simple wooden alpine cross. Tucked under a tree and set some distance from all of the other graves in the St. Eulalia Cemetery, the cross marks the spot
Furniture from Batavia and the Cape
3rd Anniversary
The exhibition Domestic Interiors at the Cape and in Batavia, 1602-1795 is the first to examine the domestic interiors and furniture of the Dutch adventurers and fortune seekers who settled in Batavia (today's Jakarta, Indonesia) and at the Cape
Lily of the Valley Inlay
3rd Anniversary
Inlay is the art of
Partiotic Taste: Collecting Modern Art in Ancien Regime Paris
3rd Anniversary
In Paris, during the final decades of the Ancien RĂ©gime-between the start of the Seven Years' War in 1756 and the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789-a new type of collector emerged: one devoted to the art of his patrie (fatherland). Into the first
Pride of Place: Architecture in American Textiles
3rd Anniversary
A charming and accessible way to appreciate American architectural history is to explore textile folk art that contains images of buildings. For centuries, folk artists have refined and elaborated on the nostalgic, iconic allure of our architectural past,
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